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Systemd for Slackware

This page is ment for a small howto about systemd on Slackware

Reason why these slackbuilds:

  • udev is a complete part of systemd since v208, And extraction is unsupported. Instead you will need to use the source files directly and create an own Makefile
  • Consolekit development stopped/deprecated (functionality taken in by systemd)
  • DE's are thinking about using systemd/logind

So I decided to build Systemd on Slackware
If Pat needs to switch we have resources for him available.
Like unit files, updated build scripts, etc

If you want session management with systemd, pam is required

  • cracklib
  • pam
  • libpwquality
  • shadow
  • systemd
  • dbus
  • openssh

For A working systemd, openssh is not required as you can still start sshd with

/etc/rc.d/rc.sshd start

However I included it for pam support and socket activation through systemd

If you want to try out systemd on Slackware you can download the SlackBuilds from Slackbuilds

Please look for the pages to build with or without pam support

Please Note that systemd replaces udev, so you will need to use

upgradepkg udev%<systemd>

If you have any questions or requests, drop me a line.
You can contact me in Freenode IRC in #dropline.
Look out for Tyrael or bartgymnast

Bart van der Hall < bartgymnast -at- hotmail -dot- com >

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